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It's tournament time! Get your equipment in shape to help perform as well as you will. We can refinish, revive, clean and sand or polish any ball to improve overall traction and shape. We can also replace worn finger inserts so you can create added rotational power to your game.


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Milwaukee, WI

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The following is from friend John Janawicz, a former team USA and world champion bowler


7 things this 46 year-old bowler would tell the 18 year-old JJ (Long Post 
1. Get in the gym and start a good fitness routine: Iíve had an above average 
career but back problems hindered what couldíve been an even better career. 
Youíre never too young to start getting into a good fitness and nutrition 
routine and in bowling you especially need flexibility, not the ability to bench 
press 400 lbs. Focus on core (back), wrist and legs(knees). Those are the three 
areas that seem to hinder most bowlers when they get to my age. 
You canít win a tournament you donít enter because youíre physically unable to 
2. If you have the gift of speed and rev rate, hold onto it for as long as you 
can: You need to learn to take hand out of it at times to maximize margin of 
area and steal a check, but donít lose what you have. 
Guys my age always say theyíre glad they donít have the speed and rev rate they 
did 15-25 years ago and would never be useful now. 
Said no one everÖ.. 
3. Listen to a lot of respected coaches, pro shop operators and elite bowlers 
and then figure out and apply what works for YOU: I havenít seen a coach, elite 
player or pro shop operator that did everything right or one that I agreed with 
on all aspects of the game in terms of skill sets needed, lane play, equipment, 
physical game, ball fit, etc. Some of the ones that were the ďitĒ 
coaches/players/ball drillers then were not later as the game evolved 5, 10, 20 
years down the road (while they didnít), and that same cycle will more than 
likely continue. 
Always keep your mind open to change and never be afraid to try new things. 
4. Study and become a master of the mental game: I didnít spend enough time 
studying this in my younger years and it cost me a lot of money and tournament 
wins throughout my 20ís to early 30ís. Youíd be surprised how a strong mental 
game can allow you to compete with people that have way more physical talent 
than you have. 
5. Spend time learning the technical aspects of the game: Learn what RGís, 
Differential numbers, layouts, lane patterns, lane surfaces, oils and everything 
that is (and thrown) past the foul line you can and how it affects YOUR game. 
Decision-making is now becoming a bigger and bigger part of your success or 
failure in bowling and that piece of the pie of success wonít get any smaller in 
You donít have to be the most accurate or have the most power than everyone else 
to win, most of the time you just have to be a little smarter. Learning those 
technical aspects will help you solve the puzzle faster than the rest of the 
6. Donít worry about being a perfectionist, youíre going to fail way more than 
you succeed: My experience shows if you win around 7% +/- of all the tournaments 
you enter at whatever level you compete at (local, PBA Regional, PBA National, 
etc.) youíll probably end out in that respective Hall of Fame or maybe even be 
the GOAT. If winning defines your happiness, youíre going to miserable more than 
90% of your bowling life. Enjoy the journey, and celebrate the victories because 
there wonít be as many as you might think. 
Besides, your trophy case doesnít define who you are as a person. 
7. Donít burn bridges with major players in the industry: As big as bowling is 
worldwide, the industry and the elite/competitive side is very, very small. Word 
gets around fast about reputations, so be a person of high character and always 
do your best to do the right thing. Taking the high road may be hard at times, 
but that respect goes a long way and pays dividends in the long run. 
Youíll need a lot of help to get to the mountaintop, so itís best to have as 
many people in your corner as possible. 

Dan Reuter


Congrats to Ronnie Russell who just fired 300 on the PBA telecast which aired December 28

on ESPN TV. Ronnie beat PBA great Sean Rash and JR Raymond in the semi final match. DJ Archer later won his first PBA title by defeating Russell 241 to 217. DJ used a Storm Iq Nano while Russell used a Motiv Forza.



 We feature the modern measuring techniques for all types of hands. For over 40 years measuring and drilling philosophies have evolved to improve bowler execution and eliminate and potential or future hand pain. We use traditional, Tri Grip and Performance fitting techniques to insure you receive the very best feel your your particular hand structure. We take into account: hand texture, flexibility, length, size, span and joint structure to create a comfortable and effective release pattern. Stop in and visit Joe r Dennis and have your current grip checked. We can help you reach your full potential!



 Hi Joey,

I know you have an honor roll on your website. Recently my son Brandon Robinson shot a 752 series. This was his first 700 series and his games were 255-249-248 and was bowled at Jay's in Mukwonago, He used a Storm Freakin' Frantic!


Thanks, Ken Robinson
















Bowling is easy, just like shooting pool is easy. Bowling well is not easy, similarly to shooting pool well! It takes hard work, patience and knowledge. We help educate you along the way to becoming a better bowler. Stop in and learn and maybe even buy something, lol.











Congrats to Nick Remer and Dan Gnadt! They are now the new owners of Motion Plus lanes, previously owned by Cary Catania. We at BPS wish them the very best as we are confident they will continue the rich traditions of the Catania family.


Dennis Joerres, Mickey Cerar, Daria Pajak and me



A Commonly asked question:

How do I know which ball to use when I bring three each week?


"I generally determine if there is a light, medium or heavier volume. This helps me determine if I should use a dull sanded ball or polished. I then choose the best layout to help create targeting area and a higher strike carry percentage. This strategy works 90% of the time."    says Chris Barnes


So what do we need to know about your game when you come visit us at Bowlers Pro Shop? I'll list a few important suggestions that will help us better understand your needs and what's best suited to help you achieve greatness (or at least improve your game and start enjoying our wonderful sport even more).


1. let us know where and how often you bowl

2. bring in your current ball and a recent video of how you bowl

3. inform us to what ball reaction you are looking for

4. share with us your lane play abilities  or limitations

5. we'll help you choose the proper ball weight, ball type and span

6. we have a huge selection of balls, bags, shoes and accessories

7. we take pride and care in each and every individual




Bowling is easy, just like shooting pool is easy. Bowling well is not easy, similarly to shooting pool well! It takes hard work, patience and knowledge. We help educate you along the way to becoming a better bowler. Stop in and learn and maybe even buy something, lol.



Due to increased pro shop business and

less free time I am no longer posting customer

honor scores. I will however post them on

Facebook if you forward them to me on

either my Facebook page or the pro shop's.

thanks for your understanding



Why make BPS YOUR bowling pro shop

1. We are dedicated to helping you understand the modern bowling game. This includes lane play, surface changes, ball coverstocks, layouts and the mental game. Just come in and pick our brain (just not too much as we are getting older...)

   2. We stock the area's largest selection of balls, bags, shoes and accessories. Plus we offer lower pricing on our bags (so you don't feel the need to buy online!) We even have some used balls for those on a budget.

   3. We have the area's best Junior Adjustment ball program! for a $10 fee, you receive 2 years of free hole enlargements and 50% off all plugging and redrilling. This is valid only for young ones aged 18 or less.  

   4. We use on the most advanced machinery to insure the highest quality of workmanship! We utilize the area's only Laser surface texture scanner, the Haus ball refinishing machine, the Ovalmatic precision ball drilling press and the Storm surface factory for your sanding and polishing needs. we just rock!!


Milwaukee's ONLY pro shop offering Bill Hall's revolutionary new drilling technique called Tri Grip. This new system allows the hand to rest more comfortably on the ball and also reduces grip pressure. It takes into account each person's hand structure and creates offsets on both the thumb and fingers. Many who've tried it say they can also keep their hand behind the ball better and increase their rev rates. Bring in an old ball for plugging and try it out and see if it can help improve your game!



what's more important? how much a ball hooks right to left or where it hooks front to back?

go to bottom of page for answer




There are 3 phases of ball motion, the skid phase, then the hook phase and finally the roll phase. The first and second transitions is what we call the points which separates these phases. The skid and roll phases are linear in nature which means linear equations can be used to model the ball motion. The hook phase is modeled by a quadratic equation. The vertex of that parabolic curve coincides with the breakpoint. It occurs somewhere between the first and second transition.




Answer to question:

Obviously both the amount and where a ball hooks play an important part to match up best and have great pin carry. But according to both Chris Barnes and Norm Duke: where a ball hooks front to back is far more important for optimal pin carry! Use the correct surface texture to find the pocket  on a given lane condition. Then use the appropriate layout to maximize pin carry. This can often be an educated guess, but most top level players feel pins positioned below the fingers match up best on fresh patterns when a smoother more predictable motion is needed. On later transition and drier patterns, top players generally use higher positioned pin location to quicken the balls reaction off the drier boards. Hope this helps.






What makes BPS the preferred pro shop by Milwaukee area bowlers?

1). Experience, over 45 years of friendly knowledgeable advice about equipment choices, lane play strategies and anything else bowling related.

2). Customer care, the area's largest selection of balls, shoes, bags and accessories and expert craftsmanship. We listen to you, we guarantee our workmanship and we utilize the finest equipment in the area to insure satisfaction. We have the area's only Laser surface scanner, the Ovalmatic precision digital drill press, the Haus ball refinisher, the Storm factory surface machine and the Revivor oil remover.

3). Stop in and talk with us and experience what makes us one of the nation's premier pro shops. We also love to educate as we take care of you. We explain the whys and hows of our fitting process for those who are interested. Plus we have the area's best JR Program to help save parents money as the child grows!