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Bowlers Pro Shop is blessed to have a number of Ball Staffers who love to call BPS their home. These staffers have won numerous city, state and national titles and are some of the areas top amateurs.


Chris Pierson is joining the Storm/Roto amateur staff this April. Chris bowls with Dave Beres, Chad Maas, Jeff Numke and Chad Kloss on the Motion Plus team. This team took second at the USBC Open championships in the 2014 tournament. Chris also has 300's - 8, 800's - 3, Bowled collegiately at Robert Morris University - illinois- Team co-captain- 2 time Eagle award recipient for best season long individual stats        Jr. Team USA 2009 and 2010 - 3 gold and 2 silver at the 2009 Tournament of the Americas -1 gold and 2 silver at the  2009 PABCON Youth Championship in Bogota, Colombia

2014 PBA Bowlstrong Midwest/Central  Regional champion as non member
     - Including 300 during qualifying 2014 Wisconsin State Team Champion
     - Scratch and Handicap2014 Wisconsin State Team All Events Champion, Averaging 216 through first 5 yrs. of participation in the USBC Open Championship, Back to back top 5 team at USBC Open Championship - 2013 and 2014


Lisa Vint, former team USA member and FIQ champion is proud to use Hammer products exclusively. Lisa has more state and city titles I could list here and she is a proud member in three Hall of Fames. Lisa also uses Vise grips and the Vise "IT" interchangeable thumb system. Her versatile game and excellent spare shooting has helped her maintain her elite status over the years. For more of Lisa's accomplishments look below the listed names.


Scott Stolz is a current amateur staffer for Roto Grip products. He can also use Storm products when needed. Scott has recently converted from sliding on his right foot to his left. He is a right handed bowler with a 320 rev rate, a 12 degree axis tilt and a 45 degree axis rotation. His benchmark balls will use a 60x40 dual angle drilling layout. He also uses pin distances between 2" and 6" to help change the motion shape on various lane conditions.


Rob Lange is currently on staff with Motiv products of Muskegon, Michigan. Rob has been with Motiv for a few years and has won numerous tournaments since. He is averaging his highest ever this season at 234 in a league at Fox Run lanes of Waukesha. Rob loves drillings with 40-70 degree drill angles with Val angles between 30 and 70 degrees. His has had great success with balls like the QZ-1, the Sigma Tour, the Raptor series and the newly released Primal Impulse. Rob is an extremely accurate player and is a shot maker to be sure. He uses his 320 rev rate, a 10 degree tilt and 45 degree axis rotation to get the job done. He has been happily married to Marty for over 25 years.


Mike Jamrose is honored to be on Brunswick's amateur staff since 2013. His is an extremely talented lefty who has owned the Tri City association for over a decade. Here he has won over twenty association titles. He bowls with Ron Vokes (ABC all events champion in 2009 with 2321) and Henry Teetz a member of the vaulted Horsemen! Mike has a 360 rev rate with a 10 degree tilt and 30 degree axis rotation. His favorite Brunswick balls are the Versa Max and Diva. Mike loves tame drillings which reduce flare and keep his powerful hook under control. He is currently single and available (hint hint to the ladies).

Nick Sanicola is Lord Field's newest proud staffer.

Ron Vokes is proud to be called a Brunswick staff player. Ron has the highest right handed all-time all events score at the USBC Open championships, a 2358 nine game total. Ron is also a proud Tri City and Milwaukee Hall of Fame member. He joins Joe Cerar jr, Dennis Joerres and Kurt Preston in the Tri City Hall of Fame. Ron also has dozens of city and state titles to his credit. 

Andrew Schneider is now a Lord Field staff player joining Nick Sanicola.

Lisa Vint Accomplishments (short version)


Local Association Titles - 15

1989 Rockford WBA all-events

1990 Rockford WBA team

1994 Milwaukee WBA singles

1994 Milwaukee WBA team (scratch & handicap)

1996 Chicago WBA team

1997 Milwaukee WBA team

1999 Waukesha WBA all-events (scratch)

1999 Milwaukee WBA team (scratch & handicap)

2002 Milwaukee WBA doubles (w/Danielle Hibbard)

2005 Waukesha WBA team

2005 Waukesha WBA doubles (w/Betsy Bear)

2011 Chicagoland USBC Women’s 4-person team

2011 Chicagoland USBC Women’s scratch doubles (w/Jan M. Schmidt)


State Association Titles - 9

1993 Wisconsin WBA all-events

1993 Wisconsin State Amateur

1994 Illinois WBA team

1995 Illinois WBA team

1996 Illinois State Amateur

1996 Badger State Queens

1997 Illinois WBA team

1998 Wisconsin WBA team

2000 Wisconsin WBA team

2001 Wisconsin WBA team

2001 Wisconsin State Amateur

2002 Wisconsin WBA team

2011 Illinois WBA team


International Titles

1994 Tournament of the Americas Women’s Doubles (w/Lisa Rothe)

1994 Tournament of the Americas Women’s All-Events

1994 Tournament of the Americas National All-Events

1994 FIQ World Tenpin Team Cup (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Collegiate Titles (Eastern Illinois University)

1980 Panther Classic team, Eastern Illinois University

1980 Hoosier Classic doubles (w/Wilda Jackson), Indiana University

1981 Screaming Eagles Classic team, Indiana State University-Evansville

1981 ACU-I Regional singles runner-up to Connie Nowicki


Misc. Titles

1984 Fox Valley BPA U.S. Open Qualifying Tournament

1986 Great Lakes Invitational Tournament, Hobart, Ind.

1992 Chicagoland TV Showcase of Champions Women’s Division

1992 Chicagoland TV Showcase of Champions Mixed Doubles

1992 Women’s Non-Pro Bowlers Alliance Tournament, Port Washington, Wis.

1992 Women’s Non-Pro Bowlers Alliance Tournament, Racine, Wis.

1995 Bowling with the Champs TV Tournament, Milwaukee, Wis.

1996 WIN-TV All-Star Tournament, Burlington, Wis.

1996 Badger State Games, Madison, Wis.

1996 World Team Challenge, St. Petersburg, Fla.

1998 Badger State Games, Madison, Wis.

2000 Badger State Games, Madison, Wis.

2005 Badger State Games (team) Madison, Wis.

2006 Badger State Games (team & individual), Madison, Wis.

2007 Badger State Games (team & individual), Madison, Wis.

2008 Badger State Games (individual), Madison, Wis.

2009 Women’s Central Illinois Tournament (team), Springfield, Ill.

2010 Wisconsin Senior Olympics (scratch singles & scratch mixed doubles)

2011 Wisconsin Senior Olympics (scratch singles & scratch mixed doubles)


Other Top Finishes

1994 U.S. Olympic Festival, St. Louis (Bronze-Women’s Doubles, Silver-Women’s Team, Silver-Women’s Match Play)

1994 AMF World Cup National Finals, Kansas City, Kan. (fourth place)

1995 AMF World Cup National Finals, Richmond, Va. (fifth place)

1995 World Team Challenge, Las Vegas (third place)

1995 World Team Challenge, Indianapolis (third place)

1996 World Team Challenge, Las Vegas (second place)

1996 World Team Challenge Grand Championship, New Orleans (third place)

1999 State Games of America, St. Louis (Silver)

2000 French Open, Paris (sixth)

2001 State Games of America, St. Louis (Silver)

2001 French Open, Paris (fifth)



1986-1990 and 2002, LPBT/PWBA Member

1994 Team USA Member, Alternate 1995 & 1997

1993-98 Participant in Marconi ‘Strikes Against Leukemia’ to benefit Leukemia Research Foundation

1993 and 1997 Participant in ‘Celebrity Sports Fest’ in Milwaukee to benefit Wisconsin Special Olympics

1993-99, 2003 WIBC Hall of Fame Committee Member

2002 Participant in ‘Access Chicago’ at Navy Pier to showcase sports opportunities for the handicapped

2002-03 Wisconsin WBA Badger Queens committee member

2007 Volunteer at National Veterans Wheelchair Games bowling event, Milwaukee, Wis.

USA Bowling Silver Level Certified Coach

2010-11 Wisconsin WBA Hall of Fame committee member


Halls of Fame

Illinois State WBA (2000)

Rockford (Ill.) (2002)

Chicago WBA (2004)

Wisconsin State WBA (2007)

Milwaukee WBA (2007)

Illinois State USBC BA (2011)


Career Highs

Game – 300 (7) Rockford (1988) league, Don Carter Lanes

Chicago (1992) league, AMF/Fair Lanes, Rolling Meadows

Milwaukee (1998) league, AMF South Park, S. Milwaukee

Kenosha (2002) Wisconsin State Bowling Association,   

Waukesha (2005) Waukesha Women’s Bowling Association,                                                                                         

Milwaukee (2010) league, AMF Bowlero, Wauwatosa, Wis.

Series – 803 (300-245-258), Fox Run Lanes, Waukesha, Wis. (2005)

Average – 215 (3 Star Masters, AMF Bowlero, Wauwatosa, Wis.)


Not bad for a girl!