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Bowlers Pro Shop's Mission Statement is the following: After serving the greater Milwaukee area for over 43 years, we’ve learned it takes many avenues of expertise to remain number one. We are constantly learning newer and better techniques regarding ball balancing and measuring procedures. Our philosophies are sound yet innovated. We stay open minded and very pro active. We work diligently with all average segments and wholeheartedly want you to have the best fit possible as well as the best ball reaction available. We offer all the latest products and accessories available. We test MANY of these products, so you get the desired result the first time. Please stop in and talk with us, we know we can help you become the best bowler possible...

Thank you,
Joe Cerar Jr., Dennis Joerres, Mickey Cerar and Joe Cerar Sr.
Joe Cerar, Jr.
1964 WI. state Father & Son doubles champion
1972 MVP in WI state collegiate bowling league
1973 Midwest collegiate match game singles champion
1976 WI state match game doubles champion
1976 Tri-City All Events Champion
1987 Tri-City Team champion
1982 WI State match game Team champion
1984 WI State match game team champion
1990 Tri-City Team champion
1990 WI state Mixed doubles champion
1992 Tri-City Team champion
1998 Central Illinois Team champion
1998 Milwaukee City Singles scratch Div 1 champion
1998 Milwaukee City All Events Div 1 champion
1998 Milwaukee City Singles Handicap Champion
2000 Along with  Dennis Joerres, Ed Baur, Don Loomis and Roy Turner, shot 3487 for 2nd Place at the ABC National Tournament, Highest score by a Wisconsin Team in the 105 year history of the tournament.
2002 Elected to the Tri-City Hall of Fame
2003 Chosen to write feature articles for the Bowlers Journal International magazine
2004 First Place in Tri-City Doubles - Scratch 1429 with Ed Baur
2004 First place in Tri-City hdc. Doubles with Ed Baur - 1566  all-time record
2004 Finalist in the ABC Senior Masters and    PBA Senior U.S. Open
2005 Chosen by Bowlers Journal International as their official ball tester
2006 February issue of Bowlers Journal begins Joey's monthly column entitled "No Holes Barred" ball reviews
2006 Scratch All Events title  Tri City Association 2184, 763 team (300), 707 doubles and 714, singles
2006  Senior High Roller tournament 2nd place in two game super sweeper with 256 and 300 game (twenty in a row)
2007 voted Bowlers Journal's favorite column in the annual Bowlers Journal readers poll 
2007 voted to the board of IBPSIA (international bowling pro shops and instructors association)
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 voted Best monthly column each year in the bowlers Journal Magazine
2014 chosen by the IAB (international art of bowling) as their technical advisor. the IAB was founded by Diandra Asbaty and Jason Belmonte

2016 elected to the Greater Milwaukee Bowling
association Hall of Fame. Being the first pro shop operator elected for meritorious service

Luckily for me, as my competitive bowling skills have declined my knowledge and drilling expertise has risen!

nine sanctioned 300 games
One sanctioned 800 series
Part of first ever ABC sanctioned 3 man Baker 300 game with Roy Turner on a team Challenge Sport condition

Dennis Joerres
1982 Milwaukee City Singles champion
1982 Milwaukee City All Events champion
1982 WI state match game team champion
1984 WI State match game team champion
WI State match game Singles champion
WI state match game All Events champion
1987 Tri City Team champion
1990 Tri City Team champion
1992 Tri City Team champion
1998 Elected to GMBA Hall of Fame
2000 Team member which shot 3487 for 2nd Place at the ABC National Tournament, Highest score by a Wisconsin Team in the 105 year history of the tournament.
2003 Won WI State All-Events Title Division 1
2004 Elected to Tri City Hall of Fame
2010 State Senior Singles Champion, 771 scratch series

Six sanctioned 300 games
Finalist on Bowling with the Champs
3rd Place in ABC doubles with Ron Vokes 1994

Mickey Cerar
1990 WI state match game mixed doubles champion with Joe Cerar jr.
1991 WI state match game mixed doubles champion with Matt Falck
1991 WI state match game doubles champion
1991 WI state match game singles champion

2013 retired from bowling due to foot injury

Nine Milwaukee City Titles
First bowler to win three city titles in same year
Two -300 games
774 high series

Youngest member ever elected to Greater Milwaukee Bowling Association  HALL OF FAME -1998